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The Hermes Conference Suite is about electronic abstracts from "A" through "Z". This suite of tools and services allows one person to easily direct the flow of 1500+ abstracts originating from contributing authors through scheduling and on to publication in both hardcopy and electronic formats.

The Hermes Conference Suite is targeted at the needs of conferences that accept and schedule large numbers of abstracts. Conferences requiring heavily formatted text and quality vector graphics benefit even more.

Licensing is on a per conference basis and is scaled based on the anticipated number of published abstracts. This allows conferences both large and small to benefit from this software.

O'Zone Software's Hermes Conference Suite has been helping conference organizers since 1998. The Suite continues to evolve; existing capabilities are refined and new abilities added. In 2001 new features were added to welcome a major Chemical Engineering Society to our family of users. In 2004 an advanced web-based authoring environment was added.

Attention to detail at every step in the use of electronic abstracts is how the Hermes Conference Suite achieves its efficiency and savings. We believe you'll find that the Hermes Conference Suite offers superior quality for an outstanding price.


Hermes Conference Suite
Abstract Creation and Management Software
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