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The Hermes Conference Suite has been used annually by the Canadian Society for Chemistry since 1998. In addition to printed schedules and abstract books, the CSC also makes electronic versions available as PDF files.

Technical Program (508 KB)

Abstract Book (4.5 MB)

Author List (133 KB)

PDF files are a portable document format developed by Adobe. They allow typeset quality documents to be distributed in a platform independent fashion.

Hermes Conference Suite
Abstract Creation and Management Software

The Hermes Conference Suite aids right from abstract creation by the presentation authors, through scheduling and publishing by the conference organizers.

The Hermes Conference Suite consists of webHermes the abstract creation web tool, Charon the abstract import and database maintenance software, and Tartarus the scheduling and printing software.

webHermes (demonstration)

webHermes is a web based authoring system. Built in Macromedia Flash, webHermes supports a wide range of operating systems (Windows, Mac, LINUX) and browsers. The abstract editor supports italics, bold and underline, super and subscripts, Greek and special characters, as well as graphics via file upload. webHermes support high-quality vector formats such as postscript and Windows metafile, as well as popular bitmap formats (gif, jpg, png).

Charon (details)

Once abstracts are received, Charon imports them directly into the main conference database. Having a single database ensures that abstracts don't get lost and are readily available at anytime. Charon can also handle author notification by e-mail. Organizers have full control over each abstract's content and may reassign or edit the abstract as they deem appropriate.

Tartarus (details)

All aspects of scheduling and printing are handled using Tartarus. Abstracts are scheduling into sessions using a simple drag-and-drop mechanism. Interim or final conference program, abstract book, author list and room sign printouts are only a click away. You can even automatically create an HTML version of your program to keep authors up to date via the WWW.

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