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Our Hermes Conference Suite is all about electronic abstracts from "A" through "Z". This suite of tools and services allows one person to easily direct the flow of 1000+ abstracts originating from contributing authors through scheduling and on to publication in both hard copy and electronic formats.

Flexible pricing means that even smaller conferences can afford the benefits that the Hermes Conference Suite has to offer.

Don't hesitate to check the Organizers and Product Info pages for details.

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2016 44th Southern Ontario Undergraduate Student Chemistry Conference
2016 66th Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference
2016 99th Canadian Chemistry Conference
webHermes Abstract Submission
Demonstration Site

webHermes supports high quality, vector graphics as well as regular bitmap graphics.

Vector graphics, produced by many scientific illustration packages, produce the best printed image.

Formats Include
Postscript (ps, eps)
Metafile (wmf, emf)
GIF (gif)
JPEG (jpg, jpeg)
PNG (png)

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